The Denver-based patent attorneys at Trenner Law Firm can evaluate your intellectual property innovations in view of existing technologies to determine what aspects may be patentable. Trenner Law Firm can also help you with all aspects of the patent application process, including preparing and filing patent applications in the United States Patent Office, responding to examiner rejections, and appealing the examiner’s decisions when necessary.

What is a Patent?

Patents, similar to trademarks and copyrights, are issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to grant intellectual property rights to inventors. The purpose of a patent is to exclude others from using, making, offering for sale, selling, or importing your invention for a limited time. In exchange, public disclosure of the invention must be made once the patent is granted. For help filing patents, or to protect your intellectual property from unauthorized use, consult a Denver patent attorney at Trenner Law Firm.

Types of Patents

In order for your invention to be adequately protected, it is important to correctly determine which type of patent applies to your invention, so consult a patent lawyer in Denver. The type of patent you need is based on the function and application of your invention. There are three primary patent types:

    • Utility: A utility patent is the most common patent issued by the USPTO and is designed to protect the functional aspects of an invention. They are applicable to inventions that produce a new and useful result. The following types of inventions qualify for a utility patent:


    • Design: The least common patent type, a design patent protects ornamental design embodied in or applied to an article of manufacture that is new and original. This type of patent is cheaper and quicker to process than a utility patent but does not protect the functionality of an invention, only the appearance.


  • Plant: A plant patent is issued for a distinct, newly invented or discovered strain of asexually reproducing plants. This includes:
    • mutants
    • hybrids
    • cultivated sports
    • newly found seedlings
    • excludes: tuber propagated plants or wild, uncultivated plants.

For plant, design, or utility patents in Denver, call the Trenner Law Firm. Our patent lawyers can help with all aspects of applying for a patent.

Patent Infringement

If you need a patent infringement attorney, Trenner Law Firm can fight to protect your invention. Patent infringement occurs when an unauthorized individual or entity engages in selling, using, or making any patented invention in the United States. Infringers can be sued in civil court. For the patent owner to receive damages, they must prove that the infringer had proof of the patent by either having the product marked, by sending a cease and desist letter to the infringer, or by having an action for infringement filed.

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