Computers and Mobile Device Patents

Denver patent attorney Mark Trenner has experience with computers and mobile device patents, web-based and stand-alone application software, tools, and firmware, business methods and e-commerce, computer hardware, peripheral devices, backup, data replication, data storage, deduplication technologies, photo and video processing and post-processing, mobile telephones and other devices, cloud-based computing and networks topology.

The following is a small sampling of patent applications and issued patents that Mark Trenner has worked on in this technology area:

• U.S. Patent No. 7,328,233 for “Method and apparatus for implementing an active information model”

• U.S. Patent Publication No. 20100249579 for “Systems and methods for modeling both unobstructed and obstructed portions of a catheter”

• U.S. Patent Publication No. 20100114791 for “Automated Interview Systems and Methods”

• U.S. Patent Publication No. 20080212877 for “High speed error detection and correction for character recognition”

. . . plus many others.

Mark Trenner also wrote a paper on digital signal processing for his BS Electrical Engineering degree, titled “Coefficient Quantization and Effects on Digital Filter Performance,” 2004.