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When we sought a patent for our creation, Mark helped us through all the steps! We were so new to the whole process! Thank you, Mark, for being very trustworthy, patient and kind. We could depend on you with all of your knowledge and experience! We have continued our relationship with you through the years and will do so in the future. We would highly recommend you without reservation.

This was my first attempt with a patent, Mark was very patient with all my questions and concerns. He walked me through the whole process from the provisional patent to the utility patent final stages. All of his materials our online, but you could talk with him very easily by phone.

Mark did an incredible job with my patent drawings, He took my video of my invention and implemented my hands in the assembly drawings for the patent. Neatest thing ever. He just did solid professional work the whole time we worked together.

I’d recommend Mark Trenner anytime, just a real talented Lawyer.

July 2023, Mark informed me that the Patent Office was going to issue me my patent. Because of Mark’s due diligence, he got me my patent!
Hello Fellow Inventors,

You have spent countless hours perfecting your creation. Now it’s time to pursue a patent to protect your hard work. Do you want to try and spend more countless hours trying to navigate the US patent application process, with the very real possibility that you could make a critical mistake that leaves your brain child unprotected, thus risking the fact that you could loose everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

I’ll say that you should not put yourself in that position. You need to hire a professional who knows the patent process inside and out. You should hire Mark Trenner. I found Mark to be very knowledgeable on the patent process, an excellent source for advice and Mark’s fees are very reasonable with no surprises. Mark is upfront on all your expenses.

Of course you should definitely perform your due diligence in shopping for legal services, but Mark should be at the top of your list. If you want the very best in patent application legal services, you will not go wrong by hiring Mark Trenner to help you protect your creation.
I have used Mark in the past and am very pleased with his services. He is very honest and upfront. I found him seriously trustworthy with my invention and a pleasure to talk to. I would gladly recommend Trenner law for any patent ideas I have had and plan on doing business with Mark in the future.
Mark was a pleasure to work with. He was professional, knowledgeable, and impressively responsive. We needed a TM and to be honest we didn’t really know what we were doing (at first). Mark explained the process in detail, walked us through every step, and we had a TM shortly thereafter. It also didn’t break the bank. Strongly recommend.
I highly recommend Trenner Law Firm to anyone from independent entrepreneurs to professional businesses. I’ve successfully had a trademark and two patents issued using Mark’s services online and over the phone. This firm is also diligent when following up when an action is required for renewals. I like his approach by providing you with sufficient information to make informed decisions throughout the process. His service surpasses all others that I’ve worked with previously and that is why I’ve used Trenner Law Firm for the last 5 years. Thank you, Mark and team, for your amazing work and I look forward to our future engagements.
Mark is great to work with and explains everything very well. Fair pricing and high-quality work. As an attorney myself, I appreciate when people do a great job and provide outstanding customer service!
We hired Mark Trenner and his law firm to help us patent our first to market product and Mark was a pleasure to work with. He was always available when we had any questions and guided us through the entire process. He made suggestions and worked with our needs as they arose. One of the great things about using Mark is his flat fee costs- knowing this was a great benefit being that we were a new company. We highly recommend Trenner Law Firm and will continue to use him in the future!
Mark was invaluable in guiding me through filing a provisional patent application. He was exceptionally responsive and thorough while ensuring that the process moved as quickly as possible. He was also tremendously helpful at helping me construct the proper language for the application, particularly in terms of the claims of my invention. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Working with Mark Trenner was refreshing for me because he truly cares about his clients and the service he provides. Throughout the trademark and patent process, Mark was very responsive, thorough, and knowledgeable. He took the time to explain each step to me, including the challenges I may encounter. I highly recommend Mark Trenner and his law firm!
Mark is very fast, professional and competent in his handling of matters at hand. He has been of great help in dealing with our projects in prompt fashion and also in clarifying situations for us in layman’s terms so we can make the right decisions. His services are much appreciated and of great value to our operations.
Mark Trenner is a wonderful attorney. He is very professional and detailed oriented.
In addition, Mark is compassionate. He cares about his clients. Working with him was a pleasant experience. He took time to explain everything to me so I would completely understand the case. I highly recommend Mark Trenner.
Amazing, Amazing, Amazing. I have hired Mark Trenner over the years for different projects for my company and I am impressed and satisfied with the results every time. I appreciate his professionalism,knowledge,rapport and character. Mark Trenner is my attorney of choice for my business needs and I will continue to refer him and highly recommend him to every business owner I know. If you are looking for help with your business copyright/ trademark and patent needs, contact Mark Trenner.
It isn’t often you can engage an attorney about as issue and get immediate expert counsel and action at a fair price. But one gets that with Trenner Law Firm. In our case, it came when he successfully helped us obtain a registered trademark. Mark provided precise instructions, knew exactly the steps that had to be taken, and served as our registered correspondent with the USPTO through the entire approval process. We highly recommend Trenner Law Firm based on our experience and our success. They are expert, effective, professional, and a pleasure to work with. Thank you Lisa and Mark!
Trenner Law Firm is your all-in-one stop for Trademarks, Copyrights, and any other intellectual property law questions. Mark Trenner is very professional, knowledgable, and prompt. We used Legal Zoom before we found out about Trenner Law Firm for two trademarks. They filed everything and then did not provide any support when one of the marks was rejected. Trenner Law Firm took over from there, and has since been able to get that mark registered and has helped us with three others. Mark is always available for any questions we have as well. I highly recommend Trenner Law Firm
I have worked with Mark Trenner and the Trenner Law Firm on several patents for almost 15 years and over 3 companies, I have always been impressed by their professionalism, attention to detail and solid patent construction. They quickly absorb new technologies and concepts and then clearly represent them in their patent embodiments.

Additionally, I like that they are up front about pricing and explain expectations during the patent process. I whole heartedly recommend them for your work and don’t think you’ll be disappointed.
I am the co-founder and vice president of technology at [removed to protect confidentiality]. We have been working with Trenner Law Firm for more than four years and could not be happier. Let me be specific:

1) Combination of technical and legal aptitude- they understand our inventions and how to write specifications/claims to protect them. This is huge for us.

2) Timely responses- they are on top of deadlines and always start with plenty of time to allow sufficient reviews for USPTO responses. We have never felt “brushed off”.

3) Up front pricing- in the >4 years I’ve been working with them I have never received a surprise bill.

4) Honest and competent legal advice. Trenner law firm lays out all of our options and we’ve never felt that they were trying to up-sell us. This has included pointing us to other lawyers when our issues were outside their expertise.

To summarize, Trenner Law Firm has been spectacular. They helped us craft and take five patents to issue (more on the way), extricated us from an IP mess created by previous firms (they saved a critical piece of IP), helped negotiate IP sharing contracts with other corporations, advised us on freedom to operate concerns, and more. They have really been great.
Trenner Law Firm has advised and navigated some difficult obstacles regarding our petition for patent. Many of the issues were related to my initial filing of the patent. Mark was able to engage and resolve all neccessary requirements. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and does not mind taking the time to explain options and best practice. Highly Impressed.
Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Filed my Autonomous Interdependent Repositories patent with Mark and his firm. They did a very good and thorough job – got the patent as I hoped. I never met anybody in the office (everything was done remotely, though we did talk over the phone several times) but also paid only a faction of what the competition was asking. I recommend their services. Note this was my first patent and it did take a while (the whole process took about 3 years) but that’s to be expected.
I thought the trademark process would intimidating and tedious, but after working with Mark I now feel confident in trusting the process. His expert counsel helped me navigate several business name options, then after choosing a name he made the process easy to understand and the forms were a breeze to file. If you are looking for a trademark attorney who’s attentive, reasonably priced, and knowledgable – Mark is your guy!
Mark Trenner did a great job for me on two design patents that I
worked on with him. He was always very prompt getting back to me
when I had any questions. I highly recommend him!
So far my experience working with Mr. Trenner has been great! He has been a pleasure to work with. He is honest, knowledgeable and professional. He is responsive to the needs of his clients and willing to go the extra mile to help.
Mark has helped me through my first patent application, which can seem long and daunting. He is usually available to talk on the phone and help clarify the legal jargon and actions that can be confusing. As the inventor, I am generally the one “guiding the ship” but Mark has offered good advice and provided honest feedback.
Mark and his team helped me get my IP in a professional and efficient manner. They were always very quick and responsive and went above and beyond to help me, in all respects. From drawings to claims to Office Actions, I cannot overstate how great they were in getting me my patent.
Excellent patent attorney. Very thorough review and construction of patent. Will definitely use again.
Mark is professional and patient and reasonable. His rates are fair and the flat-fee payment structure means no suprises. I have worked with Mark to get three patents granted (and counting)! Highly recommended!
I called for information on the copyright process and much to my surprise spoke directly with Mark Trenner. He asked a few questions about my project and answered my questions on the phone. I so appreciated his direct, no nonsense, human approach to what I considered a complicated process. I look forward to working with him in the near future.
Mark Trenner is an excellent patent attorney. I am an inventor and it’s important to me to protect my product. Proud to be patent-pending! Thank you Mark!
Very personable, knowledgeable, and concise. I have other patents, so I have experience with patent lawyers and I’ll now always use Trenner Law Firm going forward in the future! Thank you for a great experience.
Mark is great to work with and gets the job done!
Trenner law was available for us and was very prompt in getting our patent filed!
Thank you for all the help in getting my Patent’s filed and the insight on every aspect of the process.
Positive: Responsiveness

Great professional advice from a genuine and helpful expert. Thanks!