Mark Trenner Answers Inventor Questions – Patent Attorney Video Series

I’m patent attorney Mark Trenner. I started my law firm in 2004 to help individuals, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses protect their inventions. I’ve been writing patent applications and helping inventors and business owners protect their intellectual property for over 18 years. Each patent attorney video below is provided as general information only and are not legal advice. Please seek the advice of an attorney in order to avoid losing important legal rights.

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1. What is the difference between a patent and a trademark? Watch the video

2. How do inventors protect an invention? Watch the video

3. What is a patent search, and does every inventor need one for their invention? Watch the video

4. How does the new Patent Law affect rights of inventors? Watch the video

5. Will my idea make me rich? Does a patent guarantee I will make money? Watch the video

6. What is a “Poor Man Patent”? Watch the video

7. What is a statutory bar in the patent law? Watch the video

8. What is a provisional patent application? Watch the video

9. When should an inventor do a prior art search? Watch the video

10. Can inventors do their own invention search? Watch the video

11. How soon should an inventor file a patent application for an invention? Watch the video

12. What are the requirements of a patent application? Watch the video

13. What is a business patent? Watch the video


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14. Do all inventors make money from patented inventions?

15. Can inventors patent software?

16. Does a patent protect an invention worldwide?

17. What is a PCT patent application?

18. What are the claims in a patent?

19. What is a design patent application?

20. What is a patent agent?

21. Should an inventor hire a patent agent or a patent attorney?

22. How can a patent lawyer help an inventor?

23. What does the Denver Patent Office mean for inventors?

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