Why Trenner Law?

Businesses and individuals don’t want to allocate their budget to attorney fees. However, involving an attorney early on can help you identify business issues and secure rights in your intellectual property. If properly protected, intellectual property can be a significant asset for your business. To find out how a patent attorney can help protect your intellectual property — call Mark Trenner today.

Trenner Law Firm can help protect your business and inventions.
A registered patent attorney will evaluate and guide you in properly establishing and protecting your business and business assets. Trenner Law Firm is experienced with identifying potentially patentable inventions, subject matter which may be protected by copyright, and that which should be maintained as a trade secret. Trenner Law Firm can also help select a strong trademark and secure trademark rights to protect your brand.

Honesty & Trust

Mark Trenner has been a registered attorney in Good Standing with the Colorado Bar Association since 1999. Registration No. 30,913. You can confirm this yourself at the Colorado Supreme Court. Mark is also a registered patent attorney in Good Standing with the United States Patent Office Registration No. 43,961. You can confirm this yourself with the U.S. Patent Office Attorney/Agent Search.

Trenner Law Firm was established in 2004 and is in good standing with the Colorado Secretary of State. You can confirm this yourself at the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office.

Our Clients

Before establishing Trenner Law Firm, Mark Trenner worked for several Denver law firms. Because of the relationships Mark established while working as an attorney at these law firms, many of Mark’s clients followed him to several different law firms, and some of these clients continue to work with Trenner Law Firm to this day.

Mark Trenner has worked with individuals, start-ups, small and large businesses, law firms, universities and multi-national corporations.


Mark Trenner believes that the attorney-client relationship is more than just a business transaction.


Trenner Law was formed in 2004, so that Mark Trenner could use his experience to help individual inventors and small businesses, while being mindful of their budget. The number one question we get is “how much will this cost?”

We are technology savvy. We are efficient in what we do. This all translates to lower costs, and those savings get passed along to our clients.

Concerned about cost to hire a patent attorney?

Trenner Law offers FLAT FEE and PROJECT-BASED pricing so that you will know the TOTAL cost, up-front, before you authorize any work on a project. You are never surprised when the bill arrives.

One way Trenner Law Firm keeps pricing competitive is by offering an online patent law firm. Work from the comfort of your own home or office. Learn more about our Online Patent Law Firm.

Trenner Law Firm strives to provide high quality work product at affordable prices. Instead of being focused on meeting billing requirements, we focus our attention on providing quality work product for our clients.

Trenner Law Firm relates to all of our clients in a clear and understandable manner so that our clients can make informed decisions. Clients are also kept apprised of the status of each of their matters without having to ask.

So don’t worry about getting cut-rate work. We understand that you want quality work product whatever your budget. To speak with a patent attorney licensed about intellectual property law, call Trenner Law Firm at 720-221-3708 today.