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Trenner Law Firm does not automatically accept everyone who inquires as a client. Before being accepted as a client, we must verify first that there would be no conflicts of interest with the matters we are handling for our current clients. We also evaluate the subject matter of your invention, to ensure that it is something we have experience handling. Timing is also important – Trenner Law Firm only accepts a limited number of matters at any given time, so that we can provide prompt and efficient service to all of our clients. This selection process helps us to better serve the clients we do accept to work with Trenner Law Firm.

If you would like to be considered, please visit our Online Law Firm to complete our Online Registration Package (you will be redirected to ipatentattorney.co)

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Introduction to the Online Patent Law Firm option

Do you have an invention or idea?

Don’t have time for an appointment at a traditional law firm?

Do you want to get started right away?

Do you want to know that an attorney will always be available on your schedule, even if that means in the early morning before you go to your day job, in the evenings after the kids are in bed, or on weekends when you’re actually working at your new business?

Do you want an attorney to answer your questions at no additional charge?

Welcome to our online patent law firm option.

Get Started Now – Potential Client Application

A new invention or idea for a business is too important, and potentially too valuable, to trust with just anyone. Don’t let someone else profit from your invention or idea for a new business. If you have an invention, protect it. Your invention could be the single most important asset you will ever own. If you have an idea for a business, then incorporate, build your brand, and put the right agreements in place to protect your valuable assets.

Trenner Law’s online patent law firm option can help you protect your invention or idea for a new business without ever having to leave your home or office to meet with an attorney. Trenner Law was founded in 2004 by attorney Mark Trenner to assist individuals, entrepreneurs, and startup businesses realize success. Get started today! Just follow the links on the left.

Handle all of your patent matters with the convenience of our online patent law firm.

Get Started Now – Potential Client Application

Trenner Law also offers a Free Inventor Guide that includes answers to many commonly-asked questions, and how Trenner Law Firm may be able to help get you started protecting an invention. Contact Denver patent attorney Mark Trenner to request your copy of the Inventor Guide today, and review it in the comfort of your own home or office.

You can also call Mark Trenner at 720-221-3708 for a free phone consultation.

Would you rather sit down and meet with a patent attorney to discuss the specifics of your particular matter?

Trenner Law also offers a traditional law firm format. We have meeting locations in the Denver metro area.

Call  720-221-3708 to schedule an in-person Strategy Session with patent attorney Mark Trenner. Strategy Sessions include “Starting Your Own Business,” “Protecting Your Invention,” and more. During these sessions, you can get answers to your own specific questions and learn about the many options available to you for protecting your invention or idea for starting a new business.

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