Colorado Patent Attorney Discusses Design Patents – Part 3 of 3

Watch Video Interview at This Link: Colorado Patent Attorney Discusses Design Patents

Interviewer: Which type of patent application – design or utility – should inventors consider then?

Patent Attorney: Well the article points out that “a collection of design patents can significantly increase the selling price.” But really, it’s going to depend on the particular invention and what aspects are important to protect.

Interviewer: So does the article offer any tips for design patent applications?

Patent Attorney: Yes, the article suggests “filing more than one design patent application, each covering a different aspect of the design.” The article also discusses the importance of getting the drawings right to avoid rejection.

Interviewer: Any other tips?

Patent Attorney: The article suggests proper use of surface shading in the drawings, and that even just changing the surface shading after the initial filing, could be considered new matter and thus rejected by the Patent Office.

Interviewer: Sounds technical, how does an inventor go about finding out all of the drawing requirements to file a design patent application?

Patent Attorney: That is why it is important to work with a patent attorney and not attempt to file a design patent application on your own.

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