Where can I find a patent attorney for free?

Callers often ask Denver patent attorney Mark Trenner where they can find a patent attorney for free. Typically what the caller means is if the patent attorney is willing to take the case on a contingency basis, just like the auto-accident attorneys.

Auto-accident attorneys often take new cases on a contingency fee basis for three reasons. First, the clients oftentimes have little or no money to hire an attorney. Second, there is a good chance that the insurance company will settle and the attorney will collect a portion of the settlement amount without having even had to go to court. And third, even if the insurance company does not settle and the attorney has to take the case to court, in the event that the attorney wins the case for their client, the verdict will likely be such a large sum (think hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even millions of dollars), that the attorney will make a handsome profit.

Unfortunately, this model does not apply well to patent law. That is, while many inventors think that their idea is the next big thing – a million dollar idea – there are so many variables at play that it may take years to make even a modest profit, and in some cases the inventor even gives up or doesn’t pursue the invention, and so the invention never makes any money.

You can, however, find a patent attorney that works on a flat fee basis. Denver patent law firm Trenner Law Firm, LLC handles most patent matters on a flat fee basis so that clients of Trenner Law Firm are always aware of the total costs for a project up front, before they authorize any work to begin. Contact Colorado Patent Attorney Mark Trenner at [email protected] for more information.