Colorado Patent Lawyer Mark Trenner answers questions about “Patent Protection as Investment and Insurance.”

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Interviewer: Right, I’d rather spend invest my money in new designs.patent lawyer

Patent Attorney: And that’s what a lot of small businesses say. Then suddenly the business receives a cease and desist letter from an attorney representing one of their competitors. The letter from the attorney alleges that the company’s most recent handbag design infringes a design patent that has just issued to their competitor.

Interviewer: What does the business being accused of patent infringement do in a case like this?

Patent Attorney: The first thing that business should do is seek the advice of a patent attorney, preferably an attorney having litigation experience. After evaluating the alleged infringing handbag in view of the issued design patent to determine whether the other party has a valid claim, the patent attorney is going to ask the business owner whether they have any of their own patents.

Interviewer: Why does it matter if the business has their own patent if they are being accused of patent infringement?

Patent Attorney: Well if they do, there is a possibility that the other company is infringing as well.

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