How do I know if I should apply for a patent for my invention?

Since you can’t apply for a patent for something that already exists, it’s important to start with a prior art search. In order to analyze those search results, its best to consult a patent attorney. A patent attorney can explain how your invention may or may not be patentable so that you can decide if a patent application is worth the money.

How soon should I apply for a patent?

Inventors have one year to file a patent application from any publication, public use or disclosure, or sale or offer for sale of their invention. After that one-year period is up, your invention is considered public domain and is no longer eligible for patent protection. It is highly recommended that you at least file a provisional patent application, which can be prepared and filed by a patent attorney, as soon as possible. Filing a provisional patent application is a relatively quick and inexpensive process.

Is it expensive to hire a patent attorney?

Some patent attorneys can be expensive. Unfortunately, there is a misperception that high costs equate to high quality. At the Trenner Law Firm, this isn’t the case. We offer exceptional quality at a fair price. We offer most of our patent services at a flat-fee basis so that our clients know what they will be paying up front for a project. Mark Trenner has more than 10 years of experience helping clients’ protect their inventions with patents. He has worked with a variety of clients, from individuals to large corporations.

Should I hire a patent attorney?

It doesn’t take a patent attorney to file a patent application but having an attorney involved can be extremely beneficial. An attorney can help spot issues you may miss that may compromise the approval of the patent when being examined by the Patent Office Examiner. Not spotting these issues on time could prove to be a costly mistake and you could lose important right to your invention.

What if I don’t have time to come meet with you?

In addition to my traditional law office located in Denver, I have also provided you with an online option where everything can be handled over the phone and by e-mail. The benefit of the online law firm is that I am available to you by phone or e-mail outside of normal business hours. Not only does this offer more convenience you, the client, but the time saved means I can offer significant discounts through my online law firm.

More Questions?

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