Denver Patent Attorney Mark Trenner answers questions about your Patent Portfolio.Patent Attorney

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Introduction: We are here in Colorado to interview Denver-area patent attorney Mark Trenner. Mark has been practicing as a patent attorney for almost 14 years; the past 9 years at Trenner Law Firm. While his practice focuses primarily on helping small businesses protect their inventions with patents, Trenner Law Firm assists clients build out all aspects of their intellectual property portfolio, including copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets.

Interviewer: Bloomberg recently published an article titled “Strategies for developing patent portfolios.” Please tell our viewers what is a patent portfolio?

Patent Attorney: I prefer to think more in terms of an intellectual property portfolio. And I often counsel my clients about the importance of an intellectual property portfolio with my business clients, as well as discussing these as various business groups. Let’s start by defining intellectual property. Intellectual property is the umbrella term for patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. And of course, a “portfolio” is simply a collection of these assets.

Interviewer: And why is a patent portfolio – or an intellectual property portfolio – important?

Patent Attorney: As the article discusses, intellectual property portfolios provide value to a company in several ways. These assets protect a company’s products from others who might infringe. These assets can also be used as defensive tools, by providing leverage in negotiations. An intellectual property portfolio can also be an important source of revenue.

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