Colorado Patent Lawyer Mark Trenner answers questions about your Patent Portfolio.

Link to Video: What is a patent portfolio?

Patent Attorney: Again, there is no sure-fire way to know that a patent can be enforced. But as the article notes, one important consideration is whether infringement can be readily detected. For example, if the patent covers a behind-the-scenes process, enforcing the patent will be more difficult than a patent for a feature that is readily observable.

Interviewer: Good points. What next?

Patent Attorney: The article concludes by suggesting the business owner formulate a strategy for developing their patent portfolio. For example, stronger invention disclosures may warrant higher budgets for preparing and prosecuting patent applications. Then of course, work with an experienced patent attorney that can consider all of this information when preparing the patent application, develop a comprehensive disclosure and claim sets. Then after the initial filing, follow-up with a continuing patent application strategy to capture different embodiments and future advancements to the product technology.

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